LED screen trailers left for Sweden

Sales specialist with our customer from Sweden

Recently, a customer from Sweden decided to order two LED screen trailers. One of his key requirements was delivery time. He needed them to be delivered as soon as possible. As it happens, we were able to meet that requirement.

Researching the market.

The decision to invest in a mobile LED screen is never an easy one. You need to do some research and learn about possible options. That’s exactly what our customer did and as a result, he found us. In fact, he first encountered our company during Prolight and Sound in 2018. As mentioned before, he needed to receive his trailers fast. At that point, we were able to complete this order within a month.

Sales Manager Konrad with our customer.

First ever mobile LED screen.

For our customer, it was the first time to consider and eventually purchase an LED screen trailer. He learned about our products in Scandinavia and even inspected himself one of our ContainerLED’s in Sweden. That ultimately led him to make the decision to place the order.

He mainly intends to use his trailers for all kinds of sports events and advertising purposes. In this kind of situation, our mobile LED screens will certainly have an edge over traditional solutions.

PlatformLED on a racetrack in Sweden.

Final decision to choose PlatformLED.

He finally decided to choose two units, PlatformLED PRO and PlatformLED ECON. Screen trailers with different design and screen sizes. PlatformECON comes with 11 m2 screen and altered folding system. In order to stow the screen, it simply folds the frame in half. Fixed mast doesn’t have the ability to lift or rotate the screen.

In contrast, PRO version is equipped with 21m2 screen as well as rotation and lifting. It is more expansive but far more advanced unit.

PlatformLED PRO and ECON.

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