Unilumin URMIII – premium rental LED screen

Elevate your events with the Unilumin URMIII LED screen, which combines cutting-edge technology with superior quality. Now available easily from our warehouse with delivery in just 7 days. Designed for easy installation and superior visual performance, it transforms any space into a captivating visual experience. Dedicated service available at our headquarters in Poland, the Unilumin URMIII LED screen is not just a product – it’s a complete solution for creating unique visuals.

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Top 3 benefits of buying a screen from us

With our top three benefits, we ensure that your visual needs are not only met but exceeded.

Great price

Unlock unparalleled visual experiences at a cost that ensures your investment is both impactful and economical.


Days delivery time

Get an LED screen in just 7 days with our fast delivery service. We are able to guarantee fast delivery thanks to our warehouse in Poland (Europe).

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EU warranty and service

Enjoy a worry-free experience with Unilumin URMIII’s comprehensive 24-month LED screen warranty, backed by dedicated service support in Poland. Peace of mind is guaranteed with a close location and a focus on excellence.

Wide possibilities of application

The Unilumin URMIII LED screen offers a wide-ranging array of applications to satisfy a variety of event requirements and creative visions.


Ideal for creating striking visuals at concerts, trade shows and conferences, the URMIII can be securely hanged to increase visibility and audience engagement.


This flexible option allows the screen to be easily assembled on the ground, making it ideal for events where space is at a premium or where hanging isn’t feasible.

90° corners

Seamlessly integrate the URMIII into unique architectural features or create immersive environments with sharp, right-angle installations that captivate and intrigue.


Adapt the URMIII to fit any creative design with its ability to form both convex and concave curves, offering a dynamic and visually stunning display solution.

Mobile solution

Our mobile LED screen trailers offer a versatile and dynamic solution for your event’s visual needs, combining ease of transportation with quick setup features. Our products allow you to get your LED screen ready in as little as 15 minutes.

Unmatched Durability

The Unilumin URMIII LED screen is designed with durability in mind, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of frequent setup, transport and use. Thanks to its solid construction and three-dimensional corner protection, it is effectively resistant to damage from impacts and environmental factors.

Flip-shield corner protection

The Unilumin URMIII LED screen features a hidden cover on each corner, designed for maximum protection with minimal effort. By simply releasing the lock, these covers can be easily unlocked, providing an efficient solution to safeguard each corner against potential damage.

Bottom protection

A cleverly designed bottom protection mechanism designed to protect the bottom edge from impacts and abrasions during handling and installation. This extra layer of protection ensures that the screen remains in pristine condition, even in demanding event environments.

Exceptional image quality

The Unilumin URMIII LED screen delivers stunning image quality, with vibrant colors, deep blacks, and unparalleled brightness that ensure vivid visuals under any lighting condition. Its advanced calibration technology guarantees consistent image integrity across the entire display.

Excellent brightness

Brightness levels of 4500 cd/m², ensuring that your visuals remain vibrant and clear, even under direct sunlight or in brightly lit environments.

Refresh rate

The URMIII boasts an impressive refresh rate of 3840Hz. That ensures ultra-smooth visuals and superior image quality without any flickering or blurring. This high refresh rate is crucial for delivering seamless and dynamic content, making every visual detail vividly come to life.


HDR+ technology enhances contrast and color accuracy for more realistic images. This contributes to the screen’s ability to present vivid, dynamic images with increased depth and realism, ideally suited for high-end events and installations requiring the highest image quality.

Resistance to weather conditions

The Unilumin URMIII LED screen is IP65 rated, meaning it is highly resistant to weather conditions, including dust, rain, and sunlight. This durability ensures reliable performance at outdoor events, offering peace of mind that the display will stand out in any environment.

Reliability under the sun

Designed to excel in sun and warm conditions, the URMIII confidently withstands temperatures up to +50°C, ensuring vibrant displays and uninterrupted performance in any climate.

Not afraid of rain

With an IP65 rating, the Unilumin URMIII LED screen thrives in rain conditions, ensuring uninterrupted, clear displays even during inclement weather.

Build for winter

The Unilumin URMIII LED screen is resilient in winter conditions, reliably operating within a broad temperature range from -20°C, ensuring consistent performance and vivid displays even in the chill of winter.

Easy of use
LED screen trailer.

Affordable screen trailer that comes with most of the advantages of our bigger products. Simple construction offers an easy and fast setup time.


The click-lock function, designed for fast and secure installation, enabling easy set-up by one person. This innovative mechanism simplifies the installation process, through snaps that hold the screen until the locks are tightened.

Easy module release.

An easy module release system, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance or module replacement. This user-friendly feature ensures minimal downtime and efficient access from the rear of the screen without the use of any tools.

See the ease of use of Unilumin URMIII

This outdoor LED screen is renowned for its user-friendly design, featuring intuitive setup and maintenance that can be swiftly managed by a single person. This ease of use is complemented by features like automatic locking and “Pinch n’ Go” modules, streamlining the process for rapid deployment and ensuring smooth operation throughout your event.

Discover in action

Dive into the world of unparalleled visual experiences by watching our detailed video on the Unilumin URMIII LED screen. See firsthand how its cutting-edge features and ease of use can transform your next event into a mesmerizing spectacle.

URMIII03 specification

MODELURMIII03 500x500URMIII03 1000x500
Pixel Pitch3.9mm3.9mm
LED Type3-in-1 SMD3-in-1 SMD
Pixels Per Panel128×128 pixels128×256 pixels
Panel SizeW500mm×H500mm×D71mmW500mm×H1000mm×D71mm
Weight7.5 kg/panel13.2 kg/panel
Panel Area0.25 m²0.5 m²
MaterialDie-cast AluminumDie-cast Aluminum
Standard Mounting ConfigurationHanging, Stacking, 90° corners,
Curved (Convex) -10°~+10°(Concave)
Hanging, Stacking, 90° corners,
Curved (Convex) -10°~+10°(Concave)
Ingress ProtectionIP65IP65
Operating Temperature/Humidity-20°C -50°C (10~90%RH)-20°C -50°C (10~90%RH)
Brightness4,500 cd/m²4,500 cd/m²
Color Temperature6,500K~9,300K Adjustable6,500K~9,300K Adjustable
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle140° / 120°140° / 120°
Contrast Ratio3,000:13,000:1
Recommended Viewing Distance≥3.9m≥3.9m
Input Power (max)170 W/panel335 W/panel
Input Power (typical)50 W/panel100 W/panel
Input Voltage100~240 VAC100~240 VAC
Input Power Frequency50~60 Hz50~60 Hz
Refresh Rate3,840@60 Hz3,840@60 Hz
Video Frame Rate50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
LED Life Time100,000 Hours100,000 Hours

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