We make work simple
by smart engineering.

Our goal is to make your work easier. We focus on it when we create mobile LED screens.

Functionality, usefulness, and reliability – focusing on these features allow us to create innovative and useful solutions. Each range of products we deal with was initially created for our needs. By creating mobile LED screens based on needs – our work solves customer problems. We want your investment to be profitable for you because your satisfaction is also our satisfaction.

Screen-LED.com headquarter Screen-LED.com headquarter

Years in the LED screens business.

Our experience allows us to look more broadly at the solutions we propose. The past has taught us a lot, so our company is very stable.


Mobile LED screens made.

Over a quarter of a thousand mobile LED screens are a solid portfolio. Our products work in both hot and cold regions of the world.


Countries we deliver our products.

Our trailers have been road-approved in so many countries that you will probably register them wherever you want. We also have experience in organizing transport that will not damage your product.

How Screen-LED started.

The company was originally founded in 2007. Since then we are constantly aiming to improve the quality of our products and bring our clients the highest quality service possible.

Screen LED logo wihout subtitles
2007 -

It all has started.

Radomir Doberstajn (CEO) founded Screen-LED company in July 2007. In the beginning, we installed fixed LED displays as a result we had 3 LED screens in our city.
2008-2009 -

It all has started.

We began to multiply their number throughout the country. In 2009 the number of fixed screens began to exceed 30.
2010 -

The first mobile LED screen for our needs.

To place the advertising screen in the most attractive place in our city, it was necessary to come up with a structure that is not attached to the ground. Due to this need, we created our first mobile LED screen.
2011 -

Manufacturing LED trailers for Polish clients.

We manufactured and sold mobile LED screens for clients from various regions of Poland. At the end of this year, our portfolio had already 10 products of this type sold.
2012 -

European certification and LED screen trailers into the world.

We received CE and TÜV certificates and decided to present our offer to the world. We first time exhibited at ISE Amsterdam. The first such event turned out to be a success. We came back with several orders from different countries. Our LED trailers displayed EURO 2012 matches in various countries in Europe.
2013 -

First ContainerLED made.

We made the first ContainerLED – our biggest mobile LED screen (45 m²) until this year. ContainerLED was fully hit, so we added it to the offer.
2014-2015 -

Increased production and decision to build a new headquarter.

Over 80 LED display trailers left our factory. We have started building new headquarter to improve production time and quality of the products.
2016 -

Container LED is the best product in our area (kujawsko-pomorskie, Inowroclaw).

Our LED container was appreciated during the local product of the year competition in the region. During this event, we organized a virtual car racing tournament. The whole was displayed on a ContainerLED 45 m² screen.
2017 -

Moving to the new headquarters

Finally, we moved to a new headquarters. Now we have 2300 m² of the factory and 400 m² of the office, so we have much more manufacturing capacity. At the end of this year, we got over 145 manufactured mobile LED screens.
2018 -

- The beginning of the expansion of the American market.

After increasing interest in our products in the USA, we decided to make it easier for these clients to order our products. We started working with dealers.
2019 -

Worldwide sales coverage.

Our products can be found on almost all continents. We produce more and more mobile LED screens. At the end of 2019, we already had around 190 mobile LED screens delivered to 31 countries in our portfolio.
2020 -

COVID-19 pandemic but we're still working.

This year is not very pleasant for our industry. To protect our employees, we have decided to work remotely for employees for whom it is possible. We worked in this system for about 6 months, but still took orders. Our clients used mobile LED screens because this solution requires only one technician, so it generates less fixed costs. Additionally, many companies have started to use screens for car cinemas.
This year, we started working on the standardization of our products. This action will allow us to manufacture high-quality products faster.
2021 - Standardization and focus on quality. We have created different models for each of our products. If you choose one of our models, we can offer faster production time. Most of our mobile LED screens are made to strict standards.
We defined the vision and mission of our company: "We make it simple by smart engineering."
BoxLED with screen-led.com logo on a screen

What does the press say about Screen-LED?

Our company is of interest, so you can find articles about us. We have prepared them in the original version and translated them into English.

Building a new headquarter.

“In the northern part of the economic zone, the construction of the company’s headquarter has been underway for several months, where mobile screens and LED screens will be produced.”

press logo ino.online 28.04.2016 The largest Inowroclaw's online press

“The Best Product of 2016” award

“Everything is clear now, the Screen-LED company won the award “The Best Product of 2016″ for the self-loading container with a large LED screen”

press logo 2 inowroclaw.info.pl 07.05.2016 Information portal of the city of Inowrocław

The interview with CEO

“The products of the company from Inowrocław are used by the organizers of Formula 1 races, Tour de France and concert managers around the world.”

press logo 3 naszemiasto.pl 24.05.2017 National network of local portals

Visit to the company

“Another flagship product is a container with a 63m2 LED screen. It is the world’s largest mobile screen in a 20 ‘container.”

press logo ino.online 12.07.2019 The largest Inowroclaw's online press

Company story.

“Screen-Led has been very successful in its industry. The owner took a lot of risk, but it paid off. He created a brand, which participates in global events.”

press photo 1 INOWROCŁAW BIZNES 04.2017 The newspaper promoting business in the city of Inowrocław

Mobile screens advertising the city around the world.

“At Formula 1 races and international cycling competitions these are just some of the places where mobile screens produced by Screen-LED.”

press photo 2 Nasze Miasto Inowrocław 05.2016 The newspaper of the city of Inowrocław

The first solar container in the world.

“SCREEN-LED Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. presented its innovative product at the InterSolar trade fair in Munich. This is the world’s first mobile, automated solar container”

press photo 3 Gazeta Pomorska 21.05.2019 Regional newspaper

Our products are certified

CE is a standard for our mobile LED screens.
Also, TÜV Thüringen and TÜV Süd certified our products for the German market.

Check out our other product categories

Mobile LED screens are our main activity, but we also deal with solutions that make life easier in other industries. Check out our innovative products.

Solar container on a grey background with power-moveit.tech logo

SunBOX 35A – fully automated PV container

Solar Container is a product that is attracting a lot of attention. It is a technically advanced hydraulic machine. We offer various solutions for mobile PV, but the SunBOX 35A is a top curiosity.

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Container Lifting jacks during the container lift with logistics-moveit.tech logo

Container Lifting Jacks – portable solution for lifting containers

We often faced problems with unloading sea containers. For this reason, we decided to create a solution that meets our needs. When we saw how much it made our work easier, we decided to share our product.

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Hydraulic underground garage on a grey background with carlifthome.com logo

Underground underground garage – same garage, twice the space

Once, a person from the neighborhood of our company asked if we were able to create a hydraulic underground garage. Due to our ambition, we took up the challenge. This technical innovation turned out to be functional, so we added it to our offer.

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Yellow shinny food trailer on a grey background with food-moveit.tech logo

Food trailers and popup containers for selling food

Our food trucks are distinguished by an unusual design that attracts hungry people. A nice and aesthetic food truck can sell more, so we sell these products quite well.

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What we are doing right now?