SimpLED – fully functional simple LED screen trailer

Thanks to our extensive experience, we managed to create a LED screen trailer with a maximally simplified design, while retaining all the key functionalities. Its simple design makes it an excellent addition to our offer. SimpLED comes in one version – a 13.82 m² P4 LED screen, ideal for smaller and medium-sized events. SimpLED is completely waterproof and can withstand wind speeds of up to 20 m/s when unfolded.

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Technical information about this LED trailer.

Here you can check out some of the most important technical details. SimpLED is available only with one screen size.

  • Screen size:
    13.8 m² (4.8 m x 2.88 m)
    15'9" x 9'5"
  • Pixel pitch:
  • Trailer weight range:
    EU standard - 3000 kg
    US standard - 7000 lb
  • Trailer width:
    2.26 m (7'5")
  • Trailer dimensions:
    5.3 m (17'5")
    + 1.53 m (5')

Things you need to know about SimpLED.

Below you can check out some of the most important features of SimpLED screen trailer.


Year warranty.

Get a 2-year warranty on your SimpLED trailer and enjoy the trouble-free operation of your screen trailer and full service.

Worldwide icon

EU road approved and US DOT.

SimpLED screen trailer is available in two versions that are approved for registration in all countries around the world.


Weeks to build the trailer.

Thanks to a well-organized production schedule, we are able to deliver high-quality trailers in a time of 12 weeks.

The safety of mobile LED screens is our top priority.

The long-standing experience of our engineers allows us to create reliable and safe trailers that ensure the absolute safety of the audience and technicians during every event.

Logos of CE, TÜV Süd, TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Thüringen

SimpLED with CE and made according to TÜV.

SimpLED fully complies with CE standards, and its production is based on solid and reliable components. The chassis is made of certified S355 steel according to EN10204. Moreover, this LED screen trailer is made according to German TÜV standards, ensuring high quality and product safety.

Screen-LED design engineer during stress test of a mobile LED screen

Optional static calculations on request.

As mentioned before, safety is one of our top priorities. Static calculations ensure that the trailer’s structure is safe to use in conditions described in the manual.

Outriggers to stabilization.

In order to ensure full safety during the use of the screen, SimpLED is equipped with outriggers that stabilize the trailer when it is unfolded. These outriggers are permanently bolted to the trailer and have a load capacity of up to 3,000 kg each (there are 4 outriggers in total). As a result, users can rest assured that the screen will remain stable and secure even during adverse weather conditions.

Mast with manual safety locks

The screen mast is equipped with manual locks that ensure safety. Thanks to them, there is no possibility that the unfolded screen will lower.

PlatformLED ready to all weather conditions

Trailers suitable for various climate conditions.

We prepare our trailers to operate reliably in even the most difficult conditions. No matter if it’s winter or summer, SimpLED can deal with either of these.

Optional cover for safety during transport.

Cover your LED screen and prevent any damage that might occur during transport.

We are making this trailer with one type of screen.

We selected this particular screen size to ensure that managing medium and small events becomes effortless for you. This dimension bridges the gap between our miniPlatformLED and PlatformLED offerings, further enriching our product lineup.

1. Proven screen with great quality.

We use a proven and tested screen from Longrun company, whose design is ideal for use in SimpLED.

One screen size – 13.82 m²

In order to streamline production and enhance overall functionality, we have opted for a single screen type for this product.

Excellent brightness and refresh rate

Boasting a brightness of up to 6,000 nits, this screen ensures exceptional image visibility even under direct sunlight. Furthermore, with a 1920 Hz refresh rate, it delivers seamlessly smooth visuals.

2. Rainproof fixed rental cabinets (IP65)

We have taken advantage of the tested cabinet design, which is ideal for use in SimpLED. The cabinets are tight and confirmed to be IP65 waterproof.

3. 720p resolution.

Thanks to its HD resolution (720p), the image you display will be readable even from a close distance. Thanks to its HD resolution, the image you display will be readable even from a close distance. The exact resolution is 1200 x 720 pixels.

4. Long screen durability with a 2-year warranty

The life expectancy of the diodes, which the manufacturer declares is ≥100000 hours. In addition, we provide a 2-year warranty on the screen, which is carried out at our headquarters in Poland.

A simple trailer made with attention to quality

A long list of additional options can further improve screen functionality and better fit it to your own specific requirements. Below you can check some of the most important options available.

AL-KO axles for the standard versions.

We use only the highest-quality components. This ensures that your trailer won’t break when you need it most. We use driving components from the well-known German company AL-KO. For trailers adapted to American standards, we use components from Dexter.

Waterproof trailer with anti-slip floor.

The trailer’s floor is waterproof and made of a steel checker plate. This makes unfolding the screen safe for the operator.

Black body color.

The trailer is black in color, which makes it unobtrusive. The whole structure is made with attention to detail.

Simple but functional
LED screen trailer.

Affordable screen trailer that comes with most of the advantages of our bigger products. Simple construction offers an easy and fast setup time.

Hydraulic lifting system.

Lifting the screen to desired height is just as easy as the press of a button. We added a hydraulic pump that is powered by a 12V car battery to make the unfolding screen as simple as possible.

Manual rotation.

Simplifying the process and production was our main goal in
designing SimpLED. That’s why we use a manual rotating system. The whole process is very easy to operate due to leverage that comes in a bundle with a trailer and manual lock on desired angle.

Save time and money with SimpLED screen trailer.

One of the most obvious reasons to choose an LED screen trailer is the quick preparation time. You want to save it during the set-up of your screen. The affordability of that trailer comes as a result of years of development and experience gained along the way.

Mobile LED screen ready to go after 15 minutes. Check out the SimpLED presentation.

That is one common feature of all our mobile LED screens. It is simple. We are preparing our trailers to be used by only one person.

SimpLED specification table

Trailer typeopen with cover
Trailer axlesAL-KO tandem axle
Screen area13.82 m²
Screen size4.8 m x 2.88 m
Screen supplierLongrun
Screen pixel pitchP4
Screen brightness5500-6000 nits
Screen resolution720p (1200 px x 720 px)
Screen refresh rate1920 Hz
Screen diodes lifespan≥100000 hours
Screen rotation
Trailer width2.26 m
Trailer lenght5.3 m
(+ 1.53 m drawbar)
Maximum screen height
(from ground to top)
4.98 m
GVWR weight3000 kg
Lifting / lowering the screenBy 12V hydraulic pump
(wired controlled)
Power32A 3-phase
Power generator on board
Wind rating20 m/s (72 km/h)
IP ratingIP65 (fully waterproof)
EU road approval
US DOT road approval
Switch above the table for the US specification
SimpLED specification
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Trailer typeopen with cover
Trailer axlesDEXTER's tandem axle
Screen size15'9" x 9'5"
Screen rotation
Trailer width7'5"
Trailer lenght17'5"
(+ 5' drawbar)
Maximum screen height
(from ground to top)
GVWR weight7000 lb
Lifting / lowering the screenBy 12V hydraulic pump
(wired controlled, power )
PowerStandard Camlocks (150A series)
Power generator on board
Wind ratingup to 45 mph
IP ratingIP65 (fully waterproof)
EU road approval
Switch above the table for the EU specification
US DOT road approval

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