FAQ - Most popular questions about our mobile LED screens.

  1. What is a lead-time for your products?

    Production time for most standard products starts from 4 weeks. It depends on the current number of orders and the availability of materials needed for production.

  2. Will I register a trailer in my country?

    We sell all our trailers with a declaration of conformity (COC) and EU road approval issued directly by us. You can easily register a trailer in your country.

    If you want to pick up the trailer and transport it on wheels, we can register your trailer in Poland. You can easily register it at home.

    You are from France? Our company is included in the French trailer approval database. You will receive a CNIT number with the trailer.

  3. Do you offer TÜV certification (Prüfbüch)?

    If you want to use a product in Germany with an unfolded screen height of more than 5 m (from the ground to the upper edge), we must prepare the TÜV Prüfbüch documentation for you. We charge an additional fee for this, which is shown in the quote.

    • We offer comprehensive documentation preparation – you will get ready certification
    • After the TÜV inspection, you can pick up your trailer.
    • After several weeks of TÜV’s certification preparation, you will receive it at the address you provided.
  4. What qualifications do I need to transport your trailers?

    According to the European driving license, you need a B + E driving license to transport trailers over 750 kg.
    (Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UK)

    If you do not know what driving license is required in your country, to find out you have to take into account:

    • GVWR weight of the trailer
    • Weight of the whole set (trailer and vehicle)

    Additionally, you must check the maximum towing capacity for your vehicle.

  5. How does the order process look like?

    1. Determining the technical details of the product.

      To begin with, we will establish all the technical details of your future mobile LED screen. Our experienced sales specialist will match the trailer to your needs and advise the best possible solution.

      If you want to install your screen, at this stage you need to send us a detailed technical drawing of the cabinet.

    2. Acceptance of the terms of sale and valuation

      We will send you a quote and explain every detail to you. After accepting the valuation, sales conditions, and paying the prepayment, we will start the production of the trailer

      If you want to install your screen – you need to send us a cabinet for design purposes.

    3. Production.

      After accepting the trailer design, we will start production. Our qualified employees will ensure that your future mobile LED screen is made with attention to detail. We care about the functionality of our products, which is why we pay attention to quality. We have a large production hall (2,300 m2) that meets the strict German TÜV standards and European CE directives.

      If you want to install your screen – you have to deliver it to us for installation on the trailer.

    4. Collection or delivery of the product.

      You can pick up the trailer directly from our factory in Inowroclaw (Poland, EUROPE) or we will arrange transport to any place you choose.

      If you are from North or South America, the trailer price includes transport to any port you choose (in the USA and Canada).

    5. Warranty and service of the mobile LED screen.

      We offer products with a 24-month or 36-month warranty. We also provide lifetime technical support.

  6. Can I use mobile LED screens in the rain?

    Yes, our products are fully waterproof. You can easily use it in the rain. Each element is resistant to rain (structure, floor, screen frame, screen, etc.).

  7. What is the wind resistance?

    You can use our products in wind conditions up to 20 m/s (72 km/h). We checked the wind resistance by static calculations and endurance tests.

    If you need TÜV Prüfbüch certification, the EN 13814 standard limits the maximum wind resistance to 15 m/s.

  8. Can you install my own screen?

    Yes, we can install your screen, but we will have to approach the screen frame design individually.

    Order process when we install your screen:

    1. Before placing an order – you send us the detailed technical drawing of the screen.
    2. After placing the order – you send us one cabinet for design purposes.
    3. Before picking up the product – you provide us the screen to install it on the frame.
  9. What power supply do I need to use your products?

    1. miniPlatformLED – 16A or 32A 1-phase
    2. PlatformLED – 32A 3-phase
    3. SimLED – 32A 3-phase
    4. miniMobiLED – 16A or 32A 1-phase
    5. MobiLED – 32A 3-phase
    6. ContainerLED – 63A 3-phase or 125A 3-phase
  10. Can you install a power generator?

    We can install the generator on some of our products. Unfortunately, but in most cases, we are limited by the GVWR of 3500 kg.

    Products for which we can install the generator:

    1. PlatformLED (only SLP15 model /15 m²/)
    2. miniMobiLED
    3. MobiLED (only SLM15 model /15 m²/)
    4. ContainerLED
    5. TruckLED
    6. BoxLED

    Sometimes the weight of the set limits the choice of additional options (because of GVWR 3500 kg).

    We can install your generator or the one purchased by us.

  11. What if I don’t know which product to choose?

    Send us:

    • What you want to use the product for.
    • Your budget.
    • The screen size what you need.
    • Whether you want to buy a screen solution or we have to install your screen.
    • List us the functionalities that you find useful.

    Based on this, our sales specialist will suggest the best solutions.

  12. Information that will help us create an offer for you.

    • Your country.
    • Specific selected product.
    • Screen size.
    • If you want to buy our screen – enter pixel pitch.
    • If you want to install your screen – send us a technical drawing of the cabinet.

Compare mobile LED screens

SeriesminiPlatformLED single axle with screen-led logo miniPlatformLED SimpLEDPlatformLED with screen-led logo PlatformLEDMobiLED with Screen-LED logo on a screen MobiLEDContainerLED-with-screen-led-logo ContainerLED
Trailer typeopen with coveropen with coveropen with coverenclosedenclosed container
Trailer axlessingle axletandem axletandem axletandem axle-
Screen areaup to 7 m²13.82 m²up to 33.75 m²up to 28 m²up to 91 m²
Screen sizeup to 3.5 m x 2 m4.8 m x 2.88 mup to 7.5 m x 4.5 mup to 7 x 4 mup to 13 m x 7 m
Screen rotation
Trailer / container width2.1 m2.26 m2.17 m2.17 m2.54 m
Trailer / container lenghtup to 3.6 m5.3 m (+ 1.53 m drawbar)5.5 m5.5 mup to 13.5 m
Maximum screen height (from ground to top)3.25 m 4.98 m7 m or 6.5 m7 m or 6.5 mup to 10.5 m
Trailer weight750 kg3000 kg3000 kg or 3500 kg3500 kgup to 16 000 kg
Wind sensor with alarm
Remote controllerwired controllerwired controller
Power230V 32A or 400V 16A400V 32A400V 32A400V 32A400V 63A or 400V 125A
Power generator (for additional fee) (for additional fee) (for additional fee)
Wind rating20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)
IP ratingIP65 (fully waterproof)IP65 (fully waterproof)IP65 (fully waterproof)IP65 (fully waterproof)IP65 (fully waterproof)
EU road approval
US DOT road approval
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Series SimpLED PlatformLED MobiLED ContainerLED
Trailer typeopen with coveropen with coverenclosedenclosed container
Trailer axlestandem 6ktandem 6ktandem 6k-
Screen size (WxH)15'9" x 9'5"
4.8 m x 2.88 m
up to 25' x 15'
7.5 x 4.5 m
up to 23' x 13'
7 x 4 m
up to 43' x 23'
13 x 7 m
Screen rotation
maual 360°



Optional screen wings
trailer with this is shorter
Trailer / contaier width7'5"
2.26 m
2.15 m
2.2 m
2.54 m
Trailer /container lenght17'5" (+ 5' drawbar)
5.3 m (+ 1.53 m drawbar)
up to 35'
10.1 m
up to 35'
10.1 m
up to 44'
13.5 m
Maximum screen height
(from ground to top)
4.98 m
24' or 21'
7.3 or 6.5 m
23' or 21'
7.1 or 6.5 m
10.5 m
Weight7000 lb
3175 kg
up to 12000 lbs
5443 kg
up to 12000 lbs
5443 kg
up to 35000 lbs
16000 kg
Wind sensor with alarm
Remote controllerwired controller
Power generator
(additional fee)

(additional fee)

(additional fee)
PowerStd Cam LocksStd Cam LocksStd Cam LocksStd Cam Locks
Wind rating45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
IP ratingIP65
fully waterproof
fully waterproof
fully waterproof
fully waterproof
US DOT road approval
Worldwide road approval
Warranty2 Year3 Year3 Year2 Year
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