BoxLED – Digital LED advertising van

Do you want to earn more from ads? Digital LED advertising van draws attention, so you will find advertisers much faster.

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BoxLED with logo on a screen BoxLED with logo on a screen

Technical information about BoxLED.

Main technical information about Mobile LED Billboard.

  • Pixel pitch
    from P3.9 to P4.6
  • Vehicle weight
    3500 kg GVWR
  • Screen control
    PC (notebook) in the vehicle cabin + video processor

BoxLED is available in 2 versions

BoxLED digital advertising wan

Complete vehicle

The vehicle is converted into BoxLed creating inseparable unit. Before reworking – the chosen truck needs to meet
project requirements. Ask us for details, and we will find the best solution for you.

BoxLED as a cargo - advertising van


BoxLed is delivered to you as a separeted load. It is design for selfassembly on flatbed truck. This option lets you change the base vehicle or use it / storage it detached.

Things you need to know about BoxLED.

Read about the things that set this product apart from others.

We can arrange your truck icon

3 sided LED screen

Asynchronous or asynchronous screens in the three walls of the building will allow you to perfectly match the ads.


Years warranty

The warranty applies to the entire control system, screen structure, and LED screen. We also provide lifetime technical support.

Custom truck body icon

We can arrange your truck

We can create an individual project based on your vehicle. The project is available for production on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (W907) 314 CDI 3665 mm chassis.

Flexible use of the LED screen

Reach your audience with advertising that stands out. BoxLED allows flexible use of the LED screen, so you can use it in a variety of ways.

BoxLED with displayed advertising spots

Stationary advertising

You can leave the BoxLED turned on in the parking lot and show ads while the car is parked.

Digital LED advertising van while driving

Displaying spots while driving

Showing moving advertisements while driving is very effective. This form of advertising will stand out from the ubiquitous fixed LED screen.

BoxLED while viewing a football match on event

Using the screen at events

You can use the side parts of the screen to display, for example, a match or concert broadcast. The screen has a good enough resolution to use at events.

Attract attention and enlarge your audience

LED advertising on vans isn’t that common yet, so it’s the perfect way to stand out. This will certainly contribute to the effectiveness of your ads.

Advetising LED van in the city

Fully mobile advertising

BoxLED is designed with full mobility in mind. The prototype was created according to the client’s requirements, with whom we established the elements responsible for the functionality.

Endress power generator

Power generator to power the screen

The power generator allows the screens to be switched on without connecting an external power source. This allows you to use the screens anywhere.

Screen controll inside the vehicle cabin

Easy control inside the vehicle cabin or remotely

The video content is controlled from the center of the driver’s cabin. You can edit the ad spots or add new ones.

Brightness icon

Automatic screen brightness

The screen brightness adjusts automatically. This allows the display of ads in the evening or at night not too bright or dark.

See what BoxLED looks like while working.

We prepare a promotional video to show the use of mobile LED billboard in practice.

BoxLED promo movie

Our client’s video about BoxLED

Use BoxLED in many locations

BoxLED during the parking advertising

Parking advertising

You can park your BoxLED in any parking lot and display your ads when parked.

Advertising LED van driving on roads

Driving on roads

Grab your audience’s attention while driving down the streets or standing in traffic jams.

Three sided LED screen van in the city center

City center advertising

Slowly driving through the streets in the densely populated city center will attract many people’s attention.

BoxLED with logo on a screen