LED screen trailer to USA

Assembling PlatformLED for US market

The PlatformLED USA for North America is under construction in our workshop.

It is a mobile screen trailer that allows for quick transport and screen installation. One person can prepare the whole setup to work in as short as 15 minutes. Key advantage of our product is that it can provide you with significant cost and time savings.

PlatformLED USA features:
• Various screen sizes from 16.4’x 9,8′ to to 23’x14,8′ (5 x 3m to 7 x 4,5m).
• Hydraulic lifting.
• 360 deg hydraulic rotation
• Adjustable drawbar
• Waterproof design

For more details please contact our sales manager Natalia at [email protected]

This product is available at screen-led.us