LED screen trailers at fanzones.

ContainerLED on a EURO 2016 banner

Sporting events tend to attract large audiences. Fans gather at the stadiums but also in the surrounding areas. That is where mobile LED screens shine the brightest. Fast to deploy on-site and easy to use afterward. The perfect solution whenever reliability is essential. You no longer need to rig your screen every time you use it. That alone significantly reduces the risk of failure.

Use of LED screen trailers at fan zones.

Fast approaching EURO 2020 is going to create tremendous demand for fan zones all around Europe. The ability to enjoy the games together with other fans creates a nearly stadium-like experience. In order to accomplish that you need an LED screen that is reliable and easy to deploy and later adjust during the show. You certainly don’t want to confront angry fans in the most important moment of the game. In the case of an LED trailer, your screen is rigged once and for all. All you have to do is set up the trailer and unfold the screen. Takes no more than 15 minutes and saves you all the hassle associated with screen preparation.

There’s still some time to consider your own LED screen trailer. For this reason that we have prepared a number of options for those interested in expanding their business. Our stock LED screens give us the ability to deliver ready solutions in as short as 4 weeks. In case you really short on time, mobile LED screens already prepared for delivery are waiting to be collected. If you wish to find more information on that subject please refer to – at the stock – section of our website. Should any questions arise, feel free to contact our sales manager

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