28 sqm MobiLED is ready for delivery.

MobiLED with 28 sqm LED screen with flowers on screen

Another MobiLED screen trailer left our factory in recent days. It is an enclosed trailer with a 7m x 4m (28 sqm) Dicolor MA P5.9 screen installed. We will soon deliver it to our client in Germany.

The biggest MobiLED to date.

Our products are highly customizable and clients can choose only the equipment that is necessary for them. This is in fact the first time when someone decided to install a 28 sqm on MobiLED. Besides ContainerLED’s, we only had screens of this size on PlatformLED. This trailer is manufactured as a complete solution. We provide both – trailer and the LED screen. In that case, the customer decided to choose Dicolor MA Series P5.9 screen that is available in our stock offer.

For our mobile LED screen we also offer a long list of additional options. Since that screen is very large, it needs to be equipped with additional wings that fold the screen in order to accommodate it inside the trailer. Wings are available with an optional electric control system that our customers decided to add to their trailer. It makes screen unfolding even easier and faster than ever before. This trailer is also equipped with a remote controller. It gives much better control during unfolding since the operator can be outside of the trailer. In order to ensure absolute safety in various weather conditions, this particular unit is equipped with a wind sensor. When a safe value of 15 m/s is exceeded it will immediately sound the alarm. In such case, it is necessary to fold the screen as quickly as possible.

Despite the current situation regarding coronavirus, we are still hard at work to ensure timely delivery of our products. Stay tuned for more LED trailers that we will present here in the coming weeks.

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