Screen-LED’s cooperation with Dicolor.

Cooperation with Dicolor company banner

Last month, we established cooperation with Dicolor. From February 2020, besides mobile LED screens, you will also find modular outdoor and indoor LED screens in our offer. Thanks to this partnership our customers will get many additional benefits.

Dicolor screens available at stock.

According to our agreement, we will have 600 M² of LED screens in our warehouse. Various types of LED modules, all in one place. Moreover, Dicolor employees will have their own office in our headquarters. Thanks to that, we will be able to offer much better customer service.
Speaking of benefits, it is important to note that all customers who’ll decide to purchase LED modules directly from Screen-LED will gain 3 YEAR WARRANTY on their screens. That is a significant improvement over the standard 2 years offered by the manufacturer. Another important factor is that all warranty repairs will be conducted by Dicolor’s technicians in our warehouse. That means much faster service because there’s no longer a need to ship your screen to China.
We are already taking orders for 2020. You can contact our sales manager to learn more about screens that will be available. We can guarantee very competitive prices and comprehensive customer service.

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