LED screens for winter sports.

MobiLED - mobile led screen winter

Mobility of LED trailers gives them a significant advantage over modular constructions. That is especially important when you want to use your screen during sports events. The ability to quickly deploy and relocate your screen might be essential at certain types of shows. Moreover, you can operate your screen from a comfortable and heated control room. There are even more benefits than that. Let’s check them out.

Winter resistant LED screen trailers.

Mobile LED screens are build in a way to maximize ease of use. Over the years our trailers evolved pretty significantly. In fact, we never manufacture two identical units. That is because of numerous custom options available to choose from. What’s important (In the case of winter applications.) our trailers are designed to operate in temperatures below zero. Hydraulics system is equipped with a heating system that keeps oil at the right temperatures to achieve the highest efficiency. That ensures trouble-free operation even in harsh climate conditions. We use a special grade of oil that is suitable for use in winter conditions.

mobile led screen winter

Comfortable operation in any weather.

Among our mobile screens, two are particularly suitable for winter use. That is MobiLED and ContainerLED. Thanks to the enclosed construction, both offer extensive protection for the screen inside. In addition, a heated control room is what brings the operator’s comfort to a whole new level. Many of those trailers already operate in countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, or Canada.

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