LED screen trailers for various events

ContainerLED on a EURO 2016 fanzone

Mobile LED screens are constantly growing in popularity. The biggest advantage of these units is also a reason, why our customers are choosing them. Everybody is praising this solution for mobility and flexibility. It is also hard to miss significant time savings. A variety of screen sizes and trailer types helps our customers to choose the most suitable solution adjusted to their needs.

Multiple applications of mobile LED screens.

There are as many possible applications as many customers. Everybody’s got their own idea where they’re gonna use it. Whenever a custom-shaped screen is not necessary, LED screen trailers might just be the right solution. Let us explore just a few possible ways to use our trailers:

Sports events not only in the summer

We manufacture our trailers to be able to withstand harsh winter conditions. This is why our enclosed MobiLED trailers are perfect for broadcasting live feeds during all kind of sports events. Inside the heated control room, you can operate without worrying about weather conditions.

Products presentations

Impress your audience during product presentations. Enhance your message with mobile LED screens. Make sure that no one will miss a thing from your show. Tell a story about your product via immersive images and videos on a mobile screen trailer.

Political rallies

At this type of gathering, it is particularly important to express the message loud and clear. The big screen on wheels will certainly help to better connect with the crowd and express the message in the best possible way. The ability to easily move between locations during the day is also very important.


In the case of fan zones, the audience wants to see every last bit of a game. You certainly don’t want your equipment to fail you at the most crucial moment. This is an extremely unlikely scenario in case of our reliable screen trailers and LED containers.

Not only for the event companies

The solutions we provide are not only meant for event companies. Our screens are applicable for more than just that. Because of mobility, these devices are easy to use in places where standard solutions are not applicable. Our smallest trailers open up new possibilities for advertising and digital signage.

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