miniMobiLED – tinny mobile LED screen with walls.

Small LED screen trailer dedicated to digital signage, advertising, timing services, and small events. Its enclosed form serves as excellent protection for the screen and video equipment stored inside.


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miniMobiLED tinny LED screen trailer with black wallas miniMobiLED tinny LED screen trailer with black wallas

Technical information about miniMobiLED.

Main technical information about this product. At the bottom of the page, you will find a more detailed table comparing the different miniMobiLED models. If you are looking for a larger trailer – check out MobiLED.

  • Screen size:
    3.75 - 7 m²
    (40.4 - 75.4 ft²)
  • Trailer weight range:
    1600 - 2500 kg
    (3527 - 5512 lb)
  • Trailer width:
    2.2 m (7.2 ft)
  • Trailer lenght:
    3 - 4 m (9.8 - 13.1 ft)
    + about 1.7 m (5.6 ft) drawbar

What you should know about miniMobiLED.

Below you can check out some of the most important features of miniTrailersLED screen trailer.


Year warranty.

The warranty also covers the screen purchased from us. The trailer service is implemented in Poland. In addition to the warranty, we provide lifetime technical support.

EU road approval icon

EU road approved.

The weight of the trailer does not exceed 2000 kg. You can easily register it in most countries in the world.


Weeks to build the trailer.

We can produce miniMobiLED even in 4 weeks. Production time depends on the current number of orders and the availability of materials.

Safety is our priority.

We make sure that our trailers are safe and reliable. We meet the highest standards, which are confirmed by German and European certificates. Each of our products is checked for safety at the design and manufacture stage.

Logos of CE, TÜV Süd, TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Thüringen

CE in standard and TÜV for the German market

Each of our trailers are sold with the COC necessary certificate for the trailer’s registration. Our factory complies with CE and TÜV requirements. We can prepare the TÜV Prüfbuch certification.

Screen-LED design engineer during stress test of a mobile LED screen

Optional static calculation

Our static calculations confirm a wind resistance of up to 20 m/s. If you need TÜV Prüfbuch the PN-EN13814 standard limits the wind resistance to 15 m/s.

wind sensor with display

Wind sensor with alarm.

If the wind is close to exceeding the limit, the alarm will warn you about it. This way you will be able to stay safe by lower the screen.

Why to choose the miniMobiLED?

Each of our products has its strengths. When configuring miniMobiLED, you can adjust the product to your needs. Simple and practical applications are important to us.

miniMobiLED trailer with black walls

Compact dimensions of the trailer

Thanks to the small size of miniMobiLED, you can fit into places inaccessible to larger trailers. Despite its compact shape, this machine is fully functional.

Manual screen rotation on a user manual drawing

Manual screen rotation

You can equip this trailer with manual screen rotation. Rotating the mast is very simple and does not require much force.

miniMobiLED shows the match result

A great option for small events

Small trailers such as miniMobiLED and miniPlatformLED are the best options for small events. Do you handle small sports or private events? These trailers will be perfect for you.

Power generator inside MobiLED screen trailer

Power generator

This product has a GVWR of 2000 kg, so it is possible to install a power generator. When configuring the trailer, we cannot exceed the GVWR, so the choice of some additional options with the generator set may be limited.

Compare miniMobiLED trailers

Trailer typeenclosedenclosedenclosed
Screen area3.75 m²7 m²custom
Screen size2.5 x 1.5 m3.5 x 2 mcustom
Screen rotation (manual) (manual)
Screen wingscustom
Trailer width2.2 m2.2 mcustom (max. 2.5 m)
Trailer lenght3 m4 mcustom
Maximum screen height
(from ground to top)
up to 5 mup to 5 mcustom
Trailer weight1600 kg2500 kgup to 2500 kg
Wind sensor with alarm
Remote controller
Power16A32A 1-phasecustom
Power generator (for additional fee) (for additional fee) (for additional fee)
Wind rating20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)
IP ratingIP65 (fully waterproof)IP65 (fully waterproof)IP65 (fully waterproof)
EU road approval
US DOT approval Ask for MobiLED USA (US adapted specification)

The product is discontinued

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miniMobiLED tinny LED screen trailer with black wallas