TruckLED is a self-sufficient LED screen truck

For those who look for a fully self-sufficient solutions, we have prepared mobile LED screens mounted on a vehicle. TruckLED equipped with generators enables you to set your screen wherever you need, without any limitations. Available as an enclosed or open version.

Things you need to know about TruckLED.

Below you can check some of the most important things about TruckLED screen trailer.

Custom truck body.

We are approaching every project individually. Every design is always thoroughly discussed with our customers in order to ensure that the final product will be tailored to their needs.

Year warranty.

Every custom TruckLED comes with a 3 year warranty. We also offer extanded warranty. Please contact us for more details.

We can arrange your truck.

We offer complete solutions with trucks and screens included. You can also deliver us your own truck and we will turn it into a fully functional TruckLED.

Technical information about this LED trailer.

Because of the custom nature of the truck, each project might vary quite significantly in terms of technical specifications. Please contact us for more details.

Screen size: depends on the truck
Truck weight range: depends on the truck
Truck type: open (platform) or enclosed

Next level mobility thanks to the TruckLED.

Take the mobility of your LED screen to the whole new level. TruckLED can act as an entirely independent mobile screen platform. You can place it almost in any location to deliver your message loud and clear. Below you can check out some of the features and characteristics of our custom builds.

Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation.

TruckLED’s are equipped with LED screens mounted on a hydraulic mast with 360° rotation. That enables you to set the screen position freely into any desired direction.

Convenient operation using remote controller.

Take full control of LED screen lifting and rotation. Operate it from the outside and get much better overview of the situation. Especially useful in areas with limited space.

Reasons to choose truck with LED screen.

1. Self-sufficient LED screen

TruckLED with power generator doesn’t require any additional devices to work. Wherever you park, it’ll do the job.

2. Control room for video production

Produce your video feed from a control room inside the truck. Comfortable conditions regardless of the weather outside.

3. Advertising space on the sides of the TruckLED

Plece your own or client’s advertising on the sides of the truck and further enhance your advertising capabilities.

Static calculations as an option.

Safety is always in the first place. Our custom constructions are designed by experienced engineers. They can prepare static calculations for you if necessary.

TruckLED with CE and TUV for German market.

Our TruckLED’s meets a strict requirements neccesary to pass TUV certification tests. Every unit rolls out of the factory with CE certificate.

Wind speed alarm system.

Because of the size, all our constructions are vulnerable to wind. In order to avoid any potential damage, wind sensor constantly monitors wind speed.

Take the most out of your TruckLED.

TrackLED is available with a long list of additional equipment. You can choose between many different options to make sure that the final product will meet your needs. To find out more details about available features, feel free to contact our sales manager. You can do so via the contact form located below.

TruckLED’s meets local regulations.

Gross Vehicle weight depends on multiple factors like screen size or truck’s body type. (Open or Enclosed) We are always making sure to keep the vehicle weight within allowable limits.

Choose trailer with Dicolor’s or your own screen.

We can prepare complete solutions that are ready to work right from the start. Our TruckLED’s are available with factory-fitted Dicolor MA series screens.

Power generator.

Keep your screen up and running in areas without or with limited access to grid power. We offer our trucks with Gasoline or Diesel generators.

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