PlatformLED – open LED screen trailer

Mobile LED screen that changes the way you work. PlatformLED allows you to quickly prepare your screen before any event! Available with or without LED screen. Comes in two different versions, Standard and PRO.

Things you need to know about PlatformLED.

Versatile mobile LED wall that offers plenty of features. Explore some of the key benefits of our solutions.

Year warranty.

Applies to trailers as well as screens purchased from Screen-LED. Warranty service in our warehouse or at client’s office (additional fee).

EU road approved and US DOT

Every trailer comes with all paperwork necessary for registration. We also register our trailers in the US.

Weeks to build the trailer.

We offer very short production time. Starting from February 2020, we will have LED screens at stock. That’ll allow us to build trailers with screens even in 4 weeks!

Technical information about this LED trailer.

Screen size: 11,25 – 33,75 sqm (121 – 363 sqft)
Trailer weight range: 2000 – 3500 kg (4409 – 7716 lbs)
Trailer width: 2,1 m (6,9 ft)
Trailer lenght: 5,5 – 6,5 m (18 – 21,3 ft)
+ about 1,7 m (5,6 ft) drawbar

Platform LED is available in two different versions.

Simplicity and good look. PlatformLED offers both. PRO version looks better and offers much more storage space. On the other hand, standard version comes with slightly larger maximum screen size. Each trailer is available with screen lifting and 360° rotation.

PlatformLED STANDARD version

Simple and robust construction. Offers all the necessary functionality in the form of a compact bodywork. Lightweight and compact construction that can be unfolded nearly anywhere you want.

PlatformLED PRO version

Great looking screen trailer. Offers plenty of storage space for your valuable equipment. As a result it provides much better functionality. Available with waterproof storage boxes on the sides of the trailer.

1. Other trailer body.

Standard platform has been designed with simplicity in mind. On the other hand, PRO version is more refined and better looking. It also contains more storage space.

2. Different wheel arches.

Wheels on Standard version sticks out on the sides. In case of the PRO version, wheel arches are built into the bodywork of the trailer creating a smooth look of the platform.

3. Location of shelfs.

Thanks to its design, PlatformLED PRO comes with storage boxes placed on the sides and in the floor. Standard platform can only be equipped with storage in the floor of the trailer.

Key benefits of using mobile LED screens.

Despite the size, these trailers are very easy to use. It opens up new possibilities. Great solution whenever quick set-up time is critical. Allows you to do more in less time.

You need no more than 15 minutes to prepare your trailer. Check out the video.

Screen unfolding is fast and easy. On person is able to do it in quarter of an hour. Operator needs to connect the two halves of the screen using the fast locks. All the lifting and rotation is being handled by the trailer’s mast. For your convenience, you can control it using an optional remote controller. Now you can do in minutes, what once took hours to accomplish.

Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation.

Thanks to that feature, you will be able to set your screen in any position you need. You can easily adjust it afterwards whenever necessary. Standard version comes with manual rotation.

Convenient operation using remote controller.

We want our trailers to be as user friendly as possible. Thanks to the optional remote, you can have much more control over your screen during lifting and rotation. It has a range of about 100 m.

Safety of LED screen trailers is our priority.

Thanks to our qualified team we are able to deliver the highest quality solutions. We use only certified steel to ensure proper operation and safety of our mobile screens. All trailers are manufactured in Poland using the high quality components.

Screen trailers with CE and TUV for German market.

Every screen trailer comes with all necessary certifications needed for registration. Additionally, for German market we offer TUV and prufbuch.

Optional static calculations on request.

We offer additional static calculations to ensure safety of our designs. Each trailer is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 15 m/s according to PN-EN13814.

Wind sensor with alarm.

Wind sensor constantly measures wind speed to sound the alarm when the maximum safe value is exceeded.

Auto folding system.

When the wind speed is too high, screen will be lowered automatically into the safe position to prevent the trailer from toppling over.

Trailers suitable for various climate conditions.

Our trailers are always prepared for weather conditions in areas where our clients will operate them. We already have our mobile screens in Egypt and Israel. On the other hand, our trailers also operate in countries like Canada or Iceland.

Optional tarpaulin for safety during transport.

It is important to guarantee absolute safety of your screen while you drive. Easy to remove tarpaulin is available among additional options.

PlatformLED is much more than just a simple trailer!

Every PlatformLED comes with the long list of additional options to choose from. Contact our sales manager to configure your own trailer.

Trailer’s weight is always adapted to the local regulations.

PlatformLED’s designed for EU and Australia weights up to 3500 kg (7716 lbs). Screen trailers for the North America weights 10000 lbs (4538 kg).

Choose trailer with Dicolor’s or your own screen.

Thanks to our cooperation with Dicolor, you can get a special 3 year warranty on screens purchased directly from Screen-LED. We can also install your own LED screen.

Adjustable drawbar will enhance functionality.

Set your drawbar’s height and tow your PlatformLED using any car or truck you want.

Additional wings for loudspeakers on the sides.

PA system can be mounted on the sides of the screen on a special hooks that comes as an option.

Mover – adjust your trailer’s position!

This feature comes in handy when you want to slightly change your PlatformLED’s position but you don’t have your car or truck anywhere near.

Power generator.

Power up your screen even without the access to grid power. Gasoline or diesel generator is available as an option.

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