MobiLED – enclosed LED screen trailer

Great choice when you need a LED screen trailer that offers more comfortable working conditions than PlatformLED. It’s enclosed construction offers also much better screen protection. MobiLED is an excellent solution in areas with harsh climate conditions.

Things you need to know about MobiLED.

Below you can check some of the most important things about MobiLED screen trailer.

Year warranty.

Warranty conditions are similar like in case of a PlatformLED. Our team of experts will solve any issue you might have with your LED trailer or screen. (if purchased from Screen-LED)

EU road approved and US DOT.

You don’t need any additional permits or certificates to use our trailers. Each unit is already registered in Poland. Ready to use right from the start. Available also in the US an Australia.

Weeks to build the trailer.

Because of the well-organized production in a new warehouse, we are able to offer short production time without compromising on quality.

Technical information about this LED trailer.

Here you can learn more about available screen sizes. MobiLED’s are available with screens within these limits. In case you need something different, please contact us.

Screen size: 11,25 – 28 sqm (121 – 301 sqft)
Trailer weight range: 2000 – 3500 kg (4409 – 7716 lbs)
Trailer width: 2,1 m (6,9 ft)
Trailer lenght: up to 6,5 m (21,3 ft)
+ about 1,7 m (5,6 ft) drawbar

MobiLED’s enclosed design provides enhanced protection.

Bodywork of the trailer is made of lightweight but very durable sandwich material. It offers excellent screen protection during transport and storage. Enables comfortable operation for the technicians in less favorable weather. MobiLED is available with a long list of additional equipment.

Reasons to choose MobiLED screen trailer.

1. Protection and useful space

MobiLED with it’s enclosed walls offers second to none safety of your LED wall. It also creates space within the trailer that you can use in various ways.

2. Control room for video production

All the video equipment necessary to use the screen can be installed inside of a dedicated control room that is available as an option. Heating system is also available to further enhance operator’s comfort.

3. Advertising space on the sides of the trailer

Big advantage of owning a MobiLED is the advertising space on the sides of the trailer. Thanks to that you can expand your offer and even further increase your profits.

Main benefits of mobile LED screens.

Owning an LED screen trailer comes with the number of benefits. Among the most obvious advantages, we can certainly point out significant time savings. Lower operation costs allows you to offer much better rates for your customers. You no longer need the entire crew to set-up the screen.

It takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare the screen. Check out the video.

Set-up time is a key selling point of our LED screen trailers. MobiLED is designed with simplicity of operation in mind. It’s not only fast but also very easy to use.

Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation.

The most efficient screen unfolding system available. As a result, it enables smooth screen lifting and rotation. Designed to ensure the best possible performance and reliability.

Convenient operation using remote controller.

Take control of your MobiLED thanks to the optional remote controller. It enables you to adjust screen or even trailer’s position without even touching it.

MobiLED designed with safety in mind.

Failsafe design of MobiLED screen trailers is one of the most important features. Long-standing experience of our engineers enables them to create custom solutions that meet the highest safety standards. Every MobiLED meet the strict requirements of TUV certification.

Static calculations as an option.

Optional static calculations comes as a proof that our trailers has been properly designed and are safe to use in various conditions.

MobiLED with CE and TUV for German market.

As previously mentioned, safety and reliability of screen trailers is our top priority. TUV certification proves the top quality of our products.

Wind speed alarm system.

Because of the high surface area of the screens, wind gusts can be a serious threat to the MobiLED stability. Wind sensor is constantly monitoring wind speed in order to sound the alarm when the safe value is exceeded.

Emergency screen folding system.

Screen trailer is designed to operate safely in wind speed up to 15 m/s. Emergency system rotates and lowers the screen when that value is exceeded.

MobiLED adapted to various weather conditions.

Every trailer is always adapted to the climate conditions in the area where our customer intends to use his screen.

Control room for video equipment.

Separate room inside of the trailer that serves as a storage for the video equipment. Furthermore, we can customize it to client’s specific requirements.

Take the most out of your MobiLED screen trailer.

MobiLED screen trailers are available in numerous configurations. We offer a long list of additional equipment. This way you can freely customize your trailer and choose only the equipment that is absolutely necessary to get the job done.

Trailers meets local requlations.

MobiLED trailers for Europe and Australia comes with GVWR of 3500 kg (7716 lbs). Each trailer for North America weighs less than 10000 lbs (4538 kg) .

Choose trailer with Dicolor’s or your own screen.

Dicolor’s screens are available as a standard option. Moreover, we can prepare the trailer for your own LED screen.

Adjustable drawbar for better fuctionality

You can freely adjust drawbar height in order to better fit it to your car or truck.

Wings for PA system on the sides of the trailer.

Comes as an additional option. Quick and easy way to install loudspeakers on top of the screen.

Mover – adjust your trailer’s position!

That system enables you to adjust trailer’s position without the car. Very convenient whenever you need to do only small adjustments.

Power generator.

Because of the generator, your screen trailer is fully self-sufficient. You can choose between gasoline and diesel generator.

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