Mobile LED screen trailer with walls.

MobiLED is a mobile LED screen enclosed by a light sandwich material. Walls protect LED screen from damage in transport and help to protect video equipment against humidity and sun.

Mobile LED screen is
Easy in use.

Preparing a mobile LED screen for work takes only 15 minutes.
Only one operator can do it. It’s simple to use.
You can control hydraulic system by wireless controller.

Our LED screen trailers are

We design and manufacture trailers according to your requirements.
You can adjust mobile led screens to your needs.
We have many additional options that you can use.

Details about LED screen in our trailers.

LED screen
up to 27 sqrm.

Mobile LED screen weight is up to 3500 kg.
Pixel pitch from P3.91 to P12.
Height to top of the LED screen is up to 7m.

Possibility of install
your LED screen.

We can install your LED screen on a trailer.
The assembly is on our side.
Send us your cabinets drawing to prepare project.

MobiLED is making according European certificates.

All our products are made in accordance with European standards.
With this, our products are safe.
Static calculations ensure safety in wind up to 15 m/s (54 km/h).

CE logo

CE certificate for every mobile LED screen.

MobiLED has a CE certificate include the price.
We will give you a paper when you will pick up the trailer.

TUV Thuringen on the left and TUV SUD on the right logos

TÜV Thüringen and TÜV Süd certificates.

These certificates are an additional option.
We recommend this for mobile LED screens to German market.

The most popular additional features in this mobile LED screen.

Extended control room for MobiLED

Extended control room for video operator.

Enlarged space for the video operator.
More equipment in small mobile LED screen.

Red icon of wind sensor

Wind sensor with alarm for safety.

When wind exceeds the safe value (15 m/s), the security light will blink and alarm will sound.

Rotation arrow show 360 rotation in MobiLED

Screen with hydraulic 360 degrees rotation.

Hydraulic rotation controlled by knobs or remote controller. Setting the screen position can be easy.

Orange wireless controller

Wireless controller for controlling hydraulic system.

Remote controller with 100 m range.
You can controll also LED screen power or lighting outside trailer.

MobiLED with Mediatec branding

Company branding from your project.

The mobile LED screen can be sticked in your company theme.
Make your trailer unique!

Red power generator

Diesel or gasoline power generator.

Power generator can make you independent with power on any venue.

Adjustable drawbar prepared to transporting by a truck.

Drawbar adjustable in height for transport by a truck.

It gives the possibility of transporting a trailer by a car or a truck.

PA system wings showed on the project

Wings for PA system on booth sides.

Trailed wings for hanging audio system like array system.

Contact us for more additional features!

Ask for MobiLED price.



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