miniTrailersLED – perfect solution for the smallest screens.

Mini LED trailers are available as an open platform or enclosed trailer. It is possible to install up to 10 sqm screens on these tiny trailers. Perfect solution for advertising as well as various outdoor events.

Year warranty.

Trailers and screens purchased from Screen-LED are both subject to 3 year waranty. Service in Poland.

EU road approved.

Single axle trailer is available with GVWR 750kg. Dual axle version weighs up to 2000 kg.

Weeks to build the trailer.

Short lead time is one of our biggest advantages. It doesn’t come at a cost of quality.

Mini LED trailers available in three versions.

These tiny trailers are available with number of options and features that make them easy to use and very efficient.

miniPlatformLED single axle

Perfect choice if you need a small, lightweight screen trailer that is easy to tow just by a regular car. Good solution for digital signage and advertising purposes. Features optional wind sensor.

Screen size:
  • up to 7 sqm (75 sqft)
Trailer weight range:
  • up to 750 kg (1653 lbs)

miniPlatformLED dual axle

Bigger and upgraded version of the mini trailer. With it’s dual axle construction, we are able to install bigger screen. It is also possible to lift the screen higher thus better comunicate your message.

Screen size:
  • 7-10 sqm (75 – 108 sqft)
Trailer weight range:
  • up to 2000 kg (4409 lbs)

miniMobiLED dual axle

Offers similar features like the open platforms. The walls are made of lightweight material that serves as a protection for the screen and video equipment. Great storage capacity.

Screen size:
  • up to 10 sqm (108 sqft)
Trailer weight range:
  • up to 2000 kg (4409 lbs)

Safety of LED screen trailers is our priority.

miniTrailersLED are designed to operate safely and efficiently. We are always taking all the necessary safety measures to design trailers that pose no threat to human health. Every unit is safe while transported as well as during operation.

Screen trailers with CE and TUV for German market.

Every screen trailer comes with all necessary certifications needed for registration. Additionally, for German market we offer TUV and prufbuch.

Optional static calculations on request.

We offer additional static calculations to ensure safety of our designs. Each trailer is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 15 m/s according to PN-EN13814.

Wind sensor with alarm.

Wind sensor constantly measures wind speed to sound the alarm when the maximum safe value is exceeded.

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