ContainerLED – BDF container-based solution for the biggest screens.

Container LED is vastly improving mobility of the biggest screens. It enables you to prepare massive LED screens to work almost as quickly as the smaller ones. Because of the self-loading system, it is also crane independent.

Things you need to know about ContainerLED.

Below you can check some of the most important things about ContainerLED.

Year warranty.

Our containers are built to last. We design them in a way to ensure trouble-free operation throughout the years. The two-year warranty comes at the base price.

Self-loading system.

Hydraulic legs on the sides of the container enables you to quickly as well as safely unload it from the truck.

Maximum screen size (m²).

ContainerLED is available with various screen sizes. Maximum available screen size is 10,5 x 6m.

Technical information about ContainerLED.

Here you can find the most important technical details about ContainerLED. For more information, please contact us.

Screen size: up to 63 sqm (679 sqft)
Container weight: depends on the screen size
Container width: 2,45 m (8 ft)
Container lenght: 7,8 m (25,6 ft)

Safe transport of LED screen inside of the container.

ContainerLED are massively reducing screen preparation time. Another container’s advantage is the safety of the screen during transport. It can also serve as a storage space for the LED screen while not in use.

Reasons to choose ContainerLED.

1. Ease of use

Intuitive control interface along with the additional options like remote controler makes screen unfolding easier than ever before.

2. Mobility

Containers are easy to transport on a BDF truck and trailer. Furthermore, you can fold the screen in 20 minutes and easily transport the screen into a different location.

3. Advertising space on the sides of the container

Big sidewalls of the containers are a perfect place for various ads. Expand your offer and sell advertising space to further increase your profits.

Why ContainerLED might be a good option for you?

Solution crafted for the biggest screens and venues. Thanks to the Container, even one person is able to prepare the screen as well as run it throughout the entire event. Automatic screen locking mechanisms means that you can connect screen halves with a press of a button. No fast locks needed.

Big LED screen ready in just 20 minutes. Check out the video.

Check out the video above to see for yourself how easy to transport and use LED container really is!

Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation.

Effiecient hydraulics gives you total control of the screen. You can freely adjust it even while turned on.

Convenient operation using remote controller.

Remote controler is useful to operate every major feature of the container like container lifting, mast lifting or wings opening. Available as an optional equipment.

ContainerLED’s safety in any conditions.

Screen containers comes with a number of safety features that ensure worry-free operation in various conditions. Screen lock indicators or wind sensor are just some of them. Here, you can check out some of the most important features

Static calculations as an option.

Safety is always first and the most important feature of our containers. Our products are offered, with optional static calculations that ensure safety of our screens.

ContainerLED with CE and TUV for German market.

Similarly as our trailers, containers are also being inspected by TUV. CE certification comes as a standard with every unit.

Wind speed alarm system.

Large screens can be vulnerable to the strong wind gusts. Whenever 15m/s wind speed is exceeded, the safety system will sound the alarm.

Self-loading system.

Every Container LED is equipped with hydraulic self loading system that is designed to lift as well as stabilize it during operation.

Choose container with Dicolor’s or your own screen.

We can install your own screen onto the container. It is also possible to order complete solution with Dicolor’s MA series screens.

Power generator

Your screen fully independent of any external power sources. Complete solution that is easy to power up anywhere you need it.

Take the most out of your ContainerLED.

ContainerLED is designed to provide great viewing experience for the audience as well as ease of use for technicians. Furthermore, these units are constantly evolving. We are making them better every year. Below you can check out some of the features that are available with the containers.

Stability in any conditions.

ContainerLED is stabilized via four hydraulic legs. Moreover, for the less stable surface, we provide pads to better distribute the load.

Battery-powered unloading

Thanks to that option it is possible to unload the Container without external power or generator.

Control room for video equipment.

Convenient control room fitted with rack shelf for equipment. For example, we provide room for video processors, switchers, monitoring and more.

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