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Mobile LED screen = Money saving

Thanks to LED display trailer you need fewer people to prepare and maintain the screen. Most noteworthy you can offer better rates for your clients. If you already have many events scheduled, mobile LED screen is a win-win solution.

Screen on the trailer

It is built out on a steel frame. The entire structure is mounted on the open trailer. Equipped with hydraulic lifting and rotation.

  • One person needed
  • Can be ready in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy transport
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • Ready-made solutions

Modular LED screen

Requires careful preparation prior to installation. You need a team of trained technicians to prepare the screen to work on a truss.

  • 2-3 technicians needed
  • Can take 4-5 hours to prepare
  • Requires skilful crew
  • Laborious transport
  • Needs to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Configuration at every event

Investment can pay for itself
after just one year! *

* Depends on a number of events per year and trailer type.

It’s easy in use – seamless operation.

Our mobile LED screens are designed to provide maximum simplicity. Ready-made solution comes packed with features to improve your workflow.


Years in display trailers business.

Over the years we’ve gained massive experience in screens on trailer production. We’re not only manufacturing trailers but can also advise customers on which one will fit them most.


Produced mobile LED screens.

Dozens of trailers already produced and numerous orders collected, as a result we are one of the world’s leading mobile LED screens manufactures.


Countries where you can find our products.

We sell our products worldwide. Most noteworthy, all units are custom built to meet local standards.

Why choose Screen-LED?

Our company is based on a vast experience in special vehicle manufacturing. We approach every customer individually. Clients can actively participate in the process of design to make sure that final product will match their needs.

By adding the ScreenLED trailer to our rental fleet we have had tremendous uptake from our customers. The speed of deployment and large 28sqm size make it an easy sell. We are very pleased with our partnership with ScreenLED and intend to add more mobile LED screens in 2020.

Cal McCarthy President, SW Event Technology, CANADA

Znani producenci

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Mobile LED screen for every event

Open LED display trailer or mobile led screen with walls? Maybe looking for something bigger? LED screen in the container maybe worth considering. Variety of products gives you the ability to choose the one that fit you best. Above all, every screen is custom made to perfectly match your needs.

miniPlatformLED – mała platformowa przyczepa z ekranem LED

Lightweight solutions for LED screens up to 11.25 m². Compact trailer body makes it a perfect solution in areas with limited space.

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PlatformLED – prosta w obsłudze przyczepa z wyświetlaczem LED

Almost unlimited possibilities to set up your screen. A lightweight trailer along with compact size gives you a big advantage over traditional solutions.

Czytaj więcej o PlatformLED

SimpLED – podstawowa przyczepa z ekranem LED

Open screen platform. In contrast to our standard trailers, it comes with an altered screen folding system. A compact and lightweight solution that is very easy to use.

Czytaj więcej o SimpLED

miniMobiLED - niewielki mobilny ekran LED ze ścianami

Small LED screen trailer dedicated to digital signage, advertising, timing services, and small events.

Czytaj więcej o miniMobiLED

MobiLED – mobilny ekran LED ze ścianami

The enclosed design provides excellent protection during transport. We can equip this trailer with an optional video room. The remote controller is available for convenient likewise fast operation.

Czytaj więcej o MobiLED

ContainerLED – duży ekran przewożony ciężarówką

The biggest screen available in our offer. In contrast to our trailers, it is based on a self-loading BDF container, so it’s a perfect choice for all kind of big events.

Czytaj więcej o ContainerLED

TruckLED – szyta na miarę ciężarówka LED

Bring mobility of your screen to a whole new level. A truck-mounted screen allows you to easily place your screen anywhere. Available in enclosed as well as open version.

Czytaj więcej o TruckLED

BoxLED - samochód dostawczy z ekranem LED

LED advertising van with 3-sided LED screen. Perfect for stationary advertising or displaying spots while driving. Attract attention and enlarge your audience.

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Our products are certified

Compare mobile LED trailers

SeriaminiPlatformLED single axle with screen-led logo miniPlatformLEDPlatformLED with screen-led logo PlatformLEDSimpLED screen trailer with Screen-LED logo SimpLEDminiMobiLED tinny LED screen trailer with black wallas miniMobiLEDMobiLED with Screen-LED logo on a screen MobiLEDContainerLED-with-screen-led-logo ContainerLED
Typ przyczepyotwarta z plandekąotwarta z plandekąotwarta z plandekązabudowanazabudowanazabudowany kontener
Osiepojedyńcza / podwójna ośpodwójna ośpodwójna ośpodwójna ośpodwójna oś-
Powierzchnia ekranudo 7 m² / do 11.25 m²do 33.75 m²15 m²do 7 m²do 28 m²do 91 m²
Rozmiar ekranudo 3.5 x 2 m / 4.5 x 2.5 mdo 7.5 m x 4.5 m5, x 3 mdo 3.5 x 2 mdo 7 x 4 mdo 13 x 7 m
Obrót ekranu (ręczny - tylko dla podwójnej osi) (ręczny)
Szerokość przyczepy2.1 m / 2.2 m2.17 m2.13 m2.2 m2.17 m2.54 m
Długość przyczepydo 3.6 m / 5 m5.5 m5.5 mdo 4 m5.5 mdo 13.56 m
Maksymalna wysokość ekranu (od ziemi do górnej krawędzi)3.25 m / 3.2 m7 m lub 6.5 m5.15 mdo 5 m7 m lub 6.5 mdo 10.5 m
Waga DMC750 kg / 2500 kg3000 kg lub 3500 kg3000 kg1600 kg lub 2500 kg3500 kgdo 16 000 kg
Czujnik wiatru z alarmem
Pilot bezprzewodowy przewodowy / bezprzewodowyprzewodowy
Zasilanie16A lub 32A 1-faza32A 3-fazy32A 3-fazy16A lub 32A 1-faza32A 3-fazy63A 3-fazy lub 125A 3-fazy
Agregat prądotwórczy (dodatkowa opłata) (dodatkowa opłata) (dodatkowa opłata) (dodatkowa opłata)
Odporność na wiatr20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)20 m/s (72 km/h)
Klasa IPIP65 (w pełni wodoszczelny)IP65 (w pełni wodoszczelny)IP65 (w pełni wodoszczelny)IP65 (w pełni wodoszczelny)IP65 (w pełni wodoszczelny)IP65 (w pełni wodoszczelny)
Homologacja europejska
Homologacja US DOT (amerykańska)
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