Special visitor in our company

Jul 23, 2019

Last week we had an unusual guest in our company. President of our home town Inowrocław, paid us a short visit to learn more about our exceptional projects. Luckily, we had some of our best products awaiting delivery in our warehouse. Our quest eagerly took a stroll around the factory where he could find some of the most innovative products being made in his town.

Walk around the factory

First product presented to the President was an underground home garage. It is a scissor lift installed inside of a container. A solution designed to save space in tight areas. When lowered, it totally blends in with the surroundings. Perfect garage for those who are looking for uncompromised safety.
Next product to gain our guest’s attention was a PlatformLED. This particular unit is designed for the American market. It is equipped with Dexter axles and is prepared for screens up to 28 sqm.
Our next stop was something special. World’s biggest ContainerLED. 63 sqm screen that takes no more than 30 minutes to prepare. Usually, our screens are made up of two segments. Because of its size, this container splits the screen into three separate segments in order to fold for transport and storage.

Our biggest innovation

At that point, we were yet to reveal our most innovative project to date. Something that no one has ever done before. Auto-foldable Mobile Solar Container. Solution designed to use PV panels as a mobile power generator. We’ve received huge feedback about this product after Intersolar. Currently, we are discussing details of this product with potential customers.
Speaking of innovation, it is hard to omit our container lifting jacks. These devices are designed for container logistics purposes.

Final impressions

While our meeting has come to an end, the President was truly impressed by the unusual and innovative character of our products. He expressed his, appreciation for our contribution to the local market and creation of new jobs.

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