Mobile LED screen for Live Production

Jul 19, 2019

Many advanced trailers are being made in our warehouse every year. Among them, PlatformLEDs, MobiLEDs and of course, our flagship ContainerLEDs. Every trailer that rolls off our factory is different. They differ in length, size, screen type, equipment and so forth. This time we went one step further. Together with our partners from Creativetools, we created spacious control room for live video production.

Special order from Sweden

This happened to be unusual project right from the start. There was a tender announced in Sweden to deliver screen trailer with extended control room for live video production. We brought our offer to the table and it turned out to be the best one. That is how our work on this project began. Since we are experts in designing and building of screen trailers, that part of the job was on our side. At this point, all we needed was a company to deliver and install all necessary video equipment. That’s how our search began.

MobiLED screen trailer with extanded control room.

Looking for the right company

In order to successfully complete this project, we needed partners to manage all the gear inside of the control room. After some search, we decided to give this job to Warsaw based company – Creativetools. They turned out to be the right people for the job. We discussed all the details of this design. They suggested their own fixes to make sure that everything works perfectly.

With the design phase successfully concluded, we began to actually build the trailer. After finishing the interior of the control room, it was the time for our partners to start their job.

Video equipment before installation

Finishing up the trailer

Later on we continued our job together in our warehouse. Thanks to our skilled teams everything went smoothly and without any issues.

Most of the gear in this setup comes from Blackmagic Design. On top of all the equipment installed inside of this MobiLED, there’s one device that particulary stands out. Blackmagic URSA Broadcast with Fujinon lens.

On our part, according to customer requirements, we put a 21 sqm P4.8 screen on top of this trailer.

Control Room

Final inspection of the screen

After our teams completed their job, it was the time for our customers to inspect the trailer. They carefully checked every part of the trailer and found no issues. According to our conversation they were totally satisfied with the final product. At this point we were able to hand over the trailer to it’s new owners and wish them long and trouble less operation.

Big thank you to our partners from Creativetools for their cooperation in bringing this project to life.

Swedish customers

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