Solar Container at Intersolar 2019

Jun 14, 2019

Our recent invention isn’t directly associated with main area of operation at Screen-LED. New product, under our brand – MOVEit, has been created for energy harvesting purposes. Because renewable energy market is growing very rapidly. Sustainable sources of energy are gaining in popularity. As a result, more people see investing in solar power as a viable option. 

New mobile ideas.

While talking about renewable energy we usually think about large solar or wind power plants. These are great solutions to provide electricity to the entire communities. What about solutions on a slightly smaller scale? Something that will be easy to move around? In this case we have something that might serve the purpose – self-loading Mobile Solar Container. It can be a good alternative to standard solutions. Especially useful for all kind of emergency and temporary needs. As a result, our new invention opens up new possibilities to utilize solar energy. 

Auto-foldable Solar Container

 This device can deliver uninterrupted power anywhere in the world. The entire construction is based on a 20’ sea container. Standard dimensions allow to deliver this unit into even the most remote areas. Optional batteries can turn this into a fully self-sufficient mobile power station.  The open top allows energy harvesting even during transport. The hydraulic frame can accommodate up to 35 PV panels. As a result, the surface area can reach up to 70 m2. Easy to transport and thanks to our lifting jacks, crane is no longer necessary. Total output depends on solar cells efficiency. In it’s current configuration it is able to deliver 13,5 kWp.  

Solar Container – rear view

Solar Container with manual folding.

Our next project is a container with a manual unfolding system. This Mobile Solar power plant is available in two versions. One is built out on a 20’ container, another on 40’. Furthermore, thanks to a scissor frame, PV panels are easy to adjust. As a result, you are getting the most out of your array.


Manual folding system.

Intersolar 2019 in Munich

We’ve been recently showcasing our construction in Munich during Intersolar. It turned out to be a very successful fair for us. Many visitors expressed their interest in this innovative solution. We had really busy time answering all the questions about Mobile Solar Container. A big thank you to anyone who stopped by our booth!

Intersolar 2018

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