Mobile LED screens at Infocomm 2019 in FL, USA!

Jun 11, 2019

During Infocomm in Orlando, 12-14 June 2019 we will exhibit our latest product for the American market. Unlike already available PlatformLED, this time we will show enclosed LED screen trailer – MobiLED. It is fully compilant with the US standards. Ready-made solution prepared to work right from the start. Meet us at booth 327 and learn more about mobile LED video walls.

Cover your screen inside of the MobiLED.

Your LED cabinets are a valuable piece of equipment. This is why you always want to be sure that your gear is safe during transport. Even though screens are always transported in cases, there is a risk during the unboxing. Things tend to go wrong in the least expected situations. As a result, you need to ensure absolute safety for your display. Thanks to our MobiLED, you no longer need to worry about your expansive screen. Construction already assembled in factory along with protective walls helps you safely deliver LED screen to your destination.

US version of MobiLED.

Sped up the process with mobile LED screen

It’s not only about safety. Your screen is expansive equipment but there’s a reason for that. It is meant to make money. The more you use it, the more profitable it is. Ideally, you would use it all the time. This obviously is not possible but you can save a lot of time while rigging your screen. In fact, there is no more rigging necessary. This job is on our part. You simply need to connect two parts of the screen and lift it. Yes, it really is that simple. As a result, almost anyone after short training can use our MobiLED.

Mobile LED screen.

Set your display in any position with PlatformLED

As mentioned above, MobiLED is not our only product. PlatformLED is another. It gives you even more flexibility. Because of its open design, you have nearly unlimited options to set your screen. Surely it comes at a certain cost of not having the protective walls or a convenient control room. Still, it is an option worth considering. Especially, when you are looking for a compact and lightweight solution.

Mobile LED screen.

Meet us at Infocomm

See for yourself how easy it is to use mobile LED screens. You can check our video to see how it works. We invite you to visit our booth during Infocomm fair in Orlando. You can find us here. We will be showcasing aforementioned MobiLED. Available unit is designed for screen size of 16.4’ x 9.84’.


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