21 m² MobiLED for a German customer.

Apr 19, 2019

Another company decided to add mobile LED screen to their offer. Our client was looking for a flexible solution that will improve entire process of screen rigging. This is how he found us. Last month he collected his ordered MobiLED.

MobiLED ready to be applied everywhere.

Our customer from Germany has just collected MobiLED trailer. They intend to use it as a scoreboard on all kinds of sports events. It’s clearly a natural environment for a MobiLED especially one equipped with video room. In the bosom of nature where most picnics and marathons takes place, all in one solutions are most welcome. Ease of operation cannot be beaten by any modular screen available. This is yet another example of a good investment. More expansive to purchase but intended to save money in the long run.

MobiLED as a background for a dais.

Unusual mobile LED screen.

MobiLEDs are not limited to events only. Our client intends to use it as a mobile LED screen as well. This again, is a great example of a situation where mobile screen has a tremendous edge over a traditional solutions. Ability to display multiple ads in various locations will certainly make his offer much more attractive for advertisers.

Mobile LED screen.

Enclosed design for better protection.

Our customer intends to use his screen in crowded areas and keep the video equipment inside. This is why he decided to order trailer with video room. As a result he will be able to broadcast content straight from within the trailer without worrying about his valuable gear.

MobiLED before delivery to Germany.

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