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Manufacturer of mobile LED screens.

With 11 years’ experience we know how to build mobile LED screens. We got over 110 satisfied customers who often bought other products. In the beginning, we made over 31 fixed LED displays constructions. For now, we made 201 screens on a trailer, which we delivered to 31 countries.

TUV Thuringen and TUV SUD logos

Our products are certified.

CE is a standard for our mobile LED screens.
Also, TÜV Thüringen and TÜV Süd certified our products for the German market.

Screen-LED headquarter from above

Trust the experience in LED display trailers manufacturing.

Despite being easy to use, these units are not so easy to design and built. Every project is different as a result it requires individual approach. Throughout the years we’ve been dealing with many unusual orders. Therefore, we are now able to bring your most exceptional ideas to life.

Years in display trailers business.

Over the years we’ve gained massive experience in screens on trailer production. We’re not only manufacturing trailers but can also advise customers on which one will fit them most.

Produced mobile LED screens.

Dozens of trailers already produced and numerous orders collected, as a result we are one of the world’s leading mobile LED screens manufactures.

Countries where you can find our products.

We sell our products worldwide. Most noteworthy, all units are custom built to meet local standards.

Mobile LED screens what we are selling
Mobile LED screens what we are selling

Mobile LED screen for every event.

Open LED display trailer or mobile led screen with walls? Maybe looking for something bigger? LED screen in the container maybe worth considering. Variety of products gives you the ability to choose the one that fit you best. Above all, every screen is custom made to perfectly match your needs.

PlatformLED banner - black platform-based mobile led screen

PlatformLED – Simple to use LED display trailer.

Almost unlimited possibilities to set up your screen. Lightweight trailer along with compact size gives you a big advantage over a traditional solutions.

MobiLED banner - white mobile led screen with walls

MobiLED – Mobile LED screen with walls.

Enclosed design provides excellent protection during transport. We can equip this trailer with optional video room. Remote controller is available for convenient likewise fast operation.

ContainerLED - 65 sqm LED screen in movable black container

ContainerLED – Big screen transported by truck.

The biggest screen available in our offer. In contrast to our trailers, it is based on a self-loading BDF container, so it’s a perfect choice for all kind of big events.

PlatformLED USA banner - led screen trailer adapted to US market

LED display trailers for the USA market.

Check out are trailers prepared for the North America. Two types of units currently available. Fully US DOT approved.

SunBOX 35A - solar container fully hydraulic controlled

Other mobile solutions –

MOVEit is a part of Screen-LED. It’s been created to design and built mobile solutions for variety of business. Our offer consist mainly of food trailers, underground garages likewise mobile solar containers and more.

Why choose Screen-LED?

Our company is based on a vast experience in special vehicle manufacturing. We approach every customer individually. Clients can actively participate in the process of design to make sure that final product will match their needs.

These companies trusted us.

Multiple companies around the world are already using our products. Every mobile LED display is designed to ensure reliability in any conditions possible.

Clients logos
Clients logos

Countries where we sold mobile LED screens.

Almost everywhere in Europe as well in Asia and North America. You can even find our products in New Zealand.

How Screen-LED started.

Company originally founded in 2007. Since then we are constantly aiming to improve quality of our products and bring our customers the highest quality service possible.

2007 -It all has started

Radomir Doberstajn (CEO) founded Screen-LED company in July 2007.

2008-2011 - Regular LED screens

At the beginning, we installed fixed LED displays as a result we had 3 LED screens in our city. Finally we began to multiply their number throughout the country. In 2011 the number of fixed screens began to exceed 30.

2012-2013 - First mobile solutions

We have produced our first mobile LED screen. Then we have started to export it worldwide. We received CE and TUV Rheinland certificates. Also in this year we was created our first ContainerLED.

2014 - Increased production

Over 35 LED display trailers left our factory.

2015-2016 - Further expansion

We have started building new headquarter to improve production time and quality of the products.

2017 - New factory

Finally we moved to a new headquarters. Over 145 produced mobile LED screens.

2018 - USA dealership

We started expansion to the American market.

What we are doing right now?

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Blog posts – latest news.

Screen-LED at ISE 2020.

Screen-LED at ISE 2020.

Screen-LED is taking part in ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, 11-14.02.2020. During that tradeshow, we are showcasing our best-selling screen trailers. MobiLED is available at stand 8-K240. Together with Dicolor, we are presenting PlatformLED at stand 12-N30. Integrated System...

Mobile LED screens for digital advertising.

Mobile LED screens for digital advertising.

Advertisers always look for the most efficient way to convey their message. It is very important to be present in as many locations as possible. Static advertising comes with certain limitations thus new means of communication with the audience are necessary. As it...

Screen-LED’s cooperation with Dicolor.

Screen-LED’s cooperation with Dicolor.

Last month, we established cooperation with Dicolor. From February 2020, besides mobile LED screens, you will also find modular outdoor and indoor LED screens in our offer. Thanks to this partnership our customers will get many additional benefits.Dicolor screens...

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